A Surf To Remember

11073112_1559905434276971_2037730293114050405_nEvery surfer has a handful of stand out sessions in their treasury. They don’t have to be a particularly epic day or at a legendary spot but a session where everything falls into place.

I had one of those this week!

Of late, I have had one too many sessions with shifting peaks, overcrowded surf and not enough waves. I began to feel bummed out about my next session becoming more of the same. Little did I know my fortune was about to change!

Alarm set, I woke before it went off. In the morning darkness I slipped into my wetsuit, already decided I was padding out regardless of the conditions.

The sun hadn’t come up yet, but standing on the shoreline waiting for first light, I could feel a light breeze brush across my face and the soft sand beneath my feet. Looking across at the silhouette of Table Mountain, breathing in the fresh ocean air I could feel a season of change.

At first glance the waves seemed a bit shifty but I didn’t check too closely on the conditions.

As it got lighter I paddled out in silence, paddling each stroke with purpose, feeling the ocean wash over me and heading out into the main peak. I can’t remember a time I surfed with only three guys out. This morning was magic! What appeared to be a shifty peak turned out to be perfectly timed sets of waves.

As I paddled into each forming wave I could feel the oceans energy charging swells towards the shoreline. With each ride, less and less filled my mind except the simple joy of riding the open face. I began reading each waves subtle differences and with weightlessness gliding on the waves face, I began cutting through the water with perfect timing. In that moment, time slowed down, realizing I was in the place I was meant to be.

I caught more waves than I could count and watched a breathtaking sunrise illuminating the sky as I sat grateful and satisfied. A session to remember for a very long time!

Today’s North Westerly is favoring Muizenberg with knee to waist high surf. Saturday has no wind until noon with the surf forecast as waist to head high on both coastlines. The turning wind swings at lunchtime on Saturday pushing a Southerly through. The Atlantic will be your best option so head out to Kommetjie or Table View for a couple waves in offshore surf.


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Roxy Davis is proudly 'Capetonian', having grown up in Kommetjie, Cape Town. Roxy has won multiple South African Surfing titles. She is a professional surf coach, business owner, wife and mother with a real zest for life and adventure!

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