Aveiro Town – Barra to Nazare : Davis Family Road Trip Portugal #6

Day 9: Tuesday Aveiro Town – Beach Destination Barra Beach

Yay for a wave! We woke this morning determined for a beach day and in search for a wave. We found one today πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ 


A morning Sesh and finally getting into the ocean was bliss. The surf was nothing to write home about but amazing to get wet. My gills have been seriously drying up with the flat spell! Daniel was determined to get a surf in too and we spent a couple of hours enjoying the time in the water. While we surfed Will and James walked the beach boardwalks and spent some quality time in peace.  The water temperature reminds me of Muizenberg, it doesnt have a chill but you need a wetsuit.

A morning surf was followed by the now traditional town run…this town is geared for runners and cyclists with great foot paths and beach walk ways. The town is quite small so we looped every street and did zigzags through to get in our target distance. 


As the round two of pesticide spray came through, it hastened our departure and we decided to head to the fabled big wave town of Nazare. The drive from Barre to Nazare was 1.5hrs (126kms) and we are now heading south like swallows in search for a warmer climate. 

Parked at the top of the Nazare cliff near to Forte de Sao Miguel Arcanjo we start walking down the verticle cliff towards the spot where the worlds biggest waves are ridden. One Euro entry and it was the “best Euro spent so far”. The Scenic beauty of the area was WOW! As we looked back on the town set far below we had no idea of the bustling activity of the sea front. 

As time rolled on we headed back to our new camp site on the outskirts of Nazare. William, all inspired by our local bus driver was happy to take on the challenge of narrow one way roads, sharp turns and the multiple round abouts! 

We turned on the gas, put the little ones to bed and put a steak (and veg) on the grill πŸ™‚ William has discovered his new favourite “glass of red” named Vinha Da Valentina… we even had to make a special trip back to the local grocer for another bottle incase the next stop didnt have it… #happycamping! Tomorrow we will explore the Nazare Town and head on further South towards Cascais. XXX

  • Parent Coping Level: 9/10… Feels like we are getting into a better routine of life πŸ™‚ Slowing things down. 
  • Kids Patience Level: 8/10 The kids nap while driving a fantastic! Peace at last!
  • Campsite Setup: Nazare Orbitur – We reversed our van into a fantastic spot but the wedges wouldnt hold in the soft sand so we slept at an angle for the night. Atleast my feet where elevated! 
  • Overall Experience: 9/10 WOW a highlight day! Stunning! 
  • Surf: 2/10 for waves but Yassssss 10/10 to be able to ride something that resembled a wave. 
  • Highlight: The local Continente has LEGO! We added to our lego collection which made for many more happy hours of play on the table outside! 










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