Back in Lagoa: Davis Portugal Road Trip #16

Day 22 Monday Costa da Caparica to Cascais

We have decided to make our way back to Cascais today as it’s only 15min from Sintra where we return our rental camper from in a couple of days. Back to the camp site with beautiful bird life, an amazing beach and the potential of swell looming on the horizon.

Before we leave Costa da Caparica we head for a morning coffee along the beach front. The area feels like a combination of the former Durban beach front days meets Venice Beach. Shabby Chick
Wills looking for a bacon and eggs brekkie but it seems eggs are not a major thing here, well breakfast is not a major thing here considering all the restaurants were still closed at 10am! We settle on a pastry shop and the boys have a toasted sarmie. Let’s just say Portugal isn’t ideal for a gluten free diet unless you are willing to just settle on a long black coffee. Pastries for daaaays in these parts.


Back home to pack up and we are en route to familiar turf of Cascais camp site.

We are down to our last 4 nappies, and considering James has been munching on soil and anything he can pretty much get his hands on right now he has been going through nappies at quite a rate with his young tummy adjusting to all sorts of new things. I’m just praying we can last the night as we haven’t found a shop that sells nappies in the past few days.

We do a loop of the camp site… you frequently see the wives walking the small roads on foot doing the recon before the husbands pull the big camper vans down the tiny one way roads and Try do their 100 point turns to get the massive camper vans into the teeny tiny spots between the trees. I’m already dreading the logístics on how we are going to get our one out the parking we are in at the moment. Yikes!
May that be tomorrow’s worry… as they say in Portugal “Just one thing at a time”

Tuesday: A day in Cascais

We have decided to catch an Uber into Cascais city center for a final walk around before heading onto Lisbon tomorrow. Its vibrant, bustling and really well maintained seafront town. We loved the energy!

We keep walking through the town, along the waterway, into the small streets and enjoy the local music, tradition and  beautiful monuments. The mime is most fascinating and certainly a highlight! 

First stop is for nappies hooray we made it! Then a stop at the local grocer for some fruit and on for a coffee and lunch at a fantastic local restaurant.

Daniel ordered a chocolate biscuit and chocolate cupcake (final days spoiling) I order the tuna salad which subsequently gets taxed by Daniel as he is clearly having an eating day! A Second salad is ordered and Will has the Prego Steak Roll. Delicious and accompanied by two wonderful coffees.

Back at the Campsite we have one of our regular Lego marathon sessions where Daniel sweetly says “Dont use the instructions, use your mind. Just think with your brain before you play” and so we do 🙂 

This time together as a family has been magical, I cant believe we will be leaving Portugal tomorrow. Three spectactular weeks have just flown by but the memories we will carry with us and cherish forever. 







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