Davis Family Road Trip – Portugal #02

Wednesday: Day 3

First Day exploring Portugal’s Ericeira

Everything in Ericeira is within walking distance. Which meant buying the skate attachment to our pram for Daniel to ride along has been our game changer! No more carrying the 4 year old after 200m and “my feet are sore!”

The morning was spent walking along cobbled paths with a stop at the local “Nata’s” for a coffee strong enough to put hair on your chest and softened by a delicious Nata!

Next stop was to experience the beach vibes and explore the local rock pools. We were on our own for the first few hours and realized the locals only venture out after 10am. Once the sleepy town had woken, many Portugese Mama’s brought their grand kids down to the beach to play. 

We took a long meander through town, finding new roads, local stores, quaint little homes and taking in the Portuguese culture. A pitstop to the local water fountain and corner store for some fruit and water and we were ready to head home! 

Not wanting to miss anything, a midday run in the other direction of Ericeira took us along the coastline to discover beautiful bays, small beaches, plenty of surf spots (when the swell arrives) and little nooks tucked away, so incredible we would have missed them when driving!  As the days are long there is a lot of chilling out front of the motor home, doing puzzles, playing games and learning to slow things down. 

An afternoon adventure

We decided to take an afternoon walk, discover the small harbour and head to a new beach. Daniel is determined to go fishing! We stop at one of Ericeira’s most pristine blue flag beaches. No fishing allowed but we spent the afternoon playing in the sand, running away from rolling gentle waves and taking in the evening sun.

As it has become a tradition we chose an afternoon coffee from the local restaurant. Realizing you have two options. You can have a short coffee or a shorter coffee. Both ways you finish the drink with a sip and end up chewing the rest!

  • Parent Coping Level: 6/10 ( Yesss for the 2pm G&T…when on holiday and there is no surf… 😉 
  • Kids Patience Level: 4/10  (Have realised my toddler is addicted to an ipad 🙁
  • Overall Experience: 7/10 
  • Surf: flat with an onshore breeze
  • Highlight: Corner local grocer Stores & Portugese Mama’s that look exactly like i imagined them to! 

Thursday: Day 4

Second Day exploring Portugal on route to Peniche.

James hasn’t recieved the memo on slow starts to the day. His body clock is still hardwired to the 3 am club and his version of a sleeping in is stirring at 5 (Although I am appreciative of the additional two hours which are the difference between felling like life or death the following day)

What are the odds, long time friend Christan was en route from Hawaii to London with a stop in Portugal and staying in Ericiera! We had a fantastic coffee and catch up at the local Boardriders store. 

Next stop en route to Peniche was an unscheduled stop at the Dinosaur exabition Park in Lourinha. I googled “things to do in Portugal for kids” and this didnt even hit the radar! Literally in the middle of no where, we went over two round abouts with Dino statues and found the most incredible Dino Park by pure luck. It felt like the entire Portuguese schooling system had decided to run their mass school outing on that day. It was buzzing, Kids everywhere! Dinosaurs everywhere! Over 120 lifesize dinosaurs strategically positioned through the pine trees made for a full Jurassic World theme and feel! Bravo to you guys for making one nearly 5 year olds entire holiday!

Next stop to find a camp site.  With our map, GPS and a website link we found our next overnight stop in Peniche. The Peniche camp site was quite run down (now that we had stayed at two camp sites we have become campsite “snobs” ha ha ha ). We setup camp, the kids happily played on the grass outside and we quietly listened to the ocean sounds while taking in the beautiful cliff top views. 

  • Parent Coping Level: 6/10 (The camp site outdoor area was about 2m x 2m and playing between two tightly squeezed camper vans)
  • Kids Patience Level: 6/10
  • Overall Experience: 4/10 (It seems like quite an industrial area and the camp site is far out of town)
  • Surf: Suprise flat again
  • Highlight: Our french fellow camper mate (complete stranger) popped around with a bottle of French Local wine to pour a celebratory glass as a “welcome to the camp site”

Unfolded our envelope and went to sleep while the sun was up… But hey… we missed the afternoon Siesta! 




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