Life in the Algarve: A day in Carvoeiro #14

Day 19: Friday A day in Carvoeiro

The distance from home base, Praia da luz to Carvoeiro is only 37 min (44.3 km), we took a drive along the coastal route (took a few wrong round about exits) and arrived in this town that is bustling with life! 

My online research peaked our intertest and described this town as Carvoeiro is a picturesque and traditional Portuguese resort town, which is situated along a stunning coastline of golden beaches and dramatic natural scenery. Carvoeiro is a fantastic destination for visitors who are wishing a calm and relaxed holiday, within a characterful and charming town. The peaceful and welcoming ambience of Carvoeiro makes it an ideal location for families during the summer.

We find a park at the next beach accross and head for the city center. The main central area is a long one way street that loops in an oval shape. We walk the entire loop, sticking our heads into the exciting stores and looking at all the goods on sale that are overflowing out the shops and onto the pavements. 

We stop at the local grocer to get a “make it yourself lunch” on the beach. Restaurants with these two boys is nearing impossible as the tables are tightly packed and you sit shoulder to shoulder with the group next to you. 

We reach the main beach in the peak of the day and the sun is blasting down, the day beds are 20 Euros each so we opt for the local chinese store stop and get a 12.5o Euro beach umbrella from the “RPC – The Republic of China”. Getting our own umbrella and sinking it into the sand made it feel like an official “Beach Day” 


We have found our beach spot and proceed to dig a big hole in the shade of our umbrella – an unsuccessful swimming pool for Jamesie. Ive run ten trips to the waters edge and back to fill the hole with water but I’m not winning this battle! So we park him in the damp hole and he happily digs away. 


The water temp is chilly, it may be that its SO hot but it feels colder than the False Bay coast temp back home. Content after a successful beach outing, we grab a local ice cream and then head up the steep hill to our car and take a slow trip home. You would think we would know these routes a little better by now but alas we take a few more wrong round about turns and head in the opposite direction a couple of times! 







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