Life in the Algarve: Faro to Carrapateira Davis Family Road Trip Portugal #12

Day 16 & 17 Tuesday and Wednesday.

Sagres, Carrapateira, Faro and Albufeira

We have decided to hire a tiny car that can get us through the tiny roads in tiny towns without a stress. We have gone from sitting SO high in the camper van to sitting in what feels like a Go Cart along the bumpy roads of Portugal.

I do think our rental car has lost its suspension which may be adding to the bumps, but hey it’s a well used rental and we are just cruising 🙂

Will waits for the guy to meet us this morning at 11am… he arrives at 11:50… the slow life is no joke in Portugal. We finally get our car, he is soooo relaxed, the car is covered in dings and the petrol dial is half full. He says” don’t worry. Just bring it back the same way okay?..” Turns out the guy who did the rentals mother runs the campsite we are staying in. #smalltowns!

We head to Luz for a coffee with Russel. I can’t believe how many Saffas we have bumped into so far (Christian, The Sutton Clan, Russel, The Heinamann Clan and we are meeting up with Chloe in the morning!)

A great chill on the couch at a side alley one road away from the beach is awesome. Couches, coffee and a fantastic catchup listening to Russels stories about life in Portugal 🇵🇹

In sheer desperation around the surfing drought we head to Sagres. The forecast is dismal, but we go anyway. On looking for Tonel beach we drive through the town and quickly see we have left Sagres and are heading in the wrong direction.

James is screaming in the car, he is hungry, tired and has done a major poop that stinks us all out. Daniel is dying for a wee we so we decide to pull over. I find myself changing nappies in the red dust of the roadside, with a toddler weeing onto the wind, and sitting in the dust propped up against a car tyre feeding the young infant his milk he so desperately wants. I wonder “am I going to ever find a wave… and dream of cooking surf some time in the distant future” #momlife

Sagres is describe this town as “a terrific surfing spot, with waves that tend to be best in spring, autumn and winter. While Sagres is the epicentre of the Algarve surfing scene for its quality spots, this area offers visitors several other interesting activities to choose from.”

Sagres doesn’t deliver on the waves front but WOW beauty on both edges of the cliff. (The wind blew Daniels cap 🧢 1meter from the cliff edge where I shuddered to let it go or try grab it but potential sunburn fears got the best of me and I launched into the dust to grab it … good save, inspired by some soccer World Cup moments)

We move on to the town of Carrapateira (which took 30 seconds to drive through) and we head in the direction of Praia da Bordeira to Praia da Amado along the cliff edge coastal gravel road. 

Praia da Amado is described as “One of Portugal’s best surfing spots due to its strong currents and steep waves, Amado beach regularly hosts international competitions and is very popular during the summertime. It is easy to access and offers a lot of parking space, perfect if travelling by caravan or if you intend to spend the day sunbathing or going for a swim in its clear waters”

There are people surfing and a resemblance of a breaking wave so I suit up and go for a surf! Whoop excitement for 1/2ft shorebreak! Happy that I’m wet and salty we head back to the “house” for the evening.

The following day we drove to Faro (90kms) to check out the vibes. It’s like driving to Cape Town city center but both kids are asleep and we are happily driving so we can have “adult conversation time”. We do a sharp UTurn passing multiple SEX shops along the way and head back via the vibrant town of Albufeira. As we meander through the Old Town Square and make our way to the beach front we take in the bustle and the small stores along the way.

We stop for a fantastic lunch, coffee (and Daniel tucks into the “Smurf Falvoured ice cream”) at the Burger place. Delicious. #bestcoffeeinportugalsofar

Sitting in the Restaurant we get a message from Friends to say they are in Albufeira… small town and even smaller world. Only 7kms away we head their way for a visit and a coffee. Amazing to catch up and chill (some more) with the Jono and the Heinamann Clan! 

Finally James is ready for his afternoon nap and it’s time to hit the road back home. We head towards Luz and down to the beach for some evening rock pool fishing. Happy day and even happier kiddies!

Back to the van for sundowners and supper. YAY for the SLOW life of Portugal 🇵🇹





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