Nazare to Cascais: Davis Family Roadtrip through Portugal #07

Day 10: Wednesday

James woke before sunrise (which is early around these parts) but my wonderful husband climbed out the envelope and swept him away for an early morning walk around the campsite. Heavenly feeling to sleep in until 7am 🙂 We had a really slow morning and Daniel even invited our Polish neighbours kids around for some lego play time! 

After a shower in what has been the best facilities yet (hot water, spacious showers, long push taps and clean floors – still shower in slops just incase) we decided to pack down and head into town.

We parked in a super dodgy parking lot two roads back from the beach. The camper van guy next door told us to be careful and watch out for suspicious people. Naturally we went into “SA mode” and went full lockdown on the van and packed all our valuables into our anti theft travel bag.

Taking a morning stroll along the beach front we stopped for a round of bumper cars, inspeciting the dried squid and finding a great spot on the beachfront. We stopped for a coffee and play in the sand.

Onwards we go to Cascais…141kms further South to a town that so many people have told us we have to explore. Our timing is becoming so spot on with the kids afternoon Siesta while we drive we head on the freeway in peace. We have opted for the quick passing through the toll roads where you get the bill later charged to your camper van account… i have no clue what costs we are in for but there are a TON of tolls along this freeway!

Parked in Cascais we find a beautiful (and level) spot in the campsite that is bustling with people and kids are running about everywhere. 

As we pull up to the campsite which is part of the Obitur group of camp sites it reminds me of the Spur group back home. You know what you are going to get and there is comfort in the familiar. We like the Obitur camp sites… I stumbled across them on the webiste and they have been fantastic so far! We have parked in what sounds like kiddies corner, there are a couple of other camper vans with kids under 1years old… its actually comforting to hear the cries of other infants 🙂 

I go for the usual run and get the lay of the land. We havent been here for more than an hour and im IN LOVE with this town 🙂 Back at the campsite its 6pm and time for a SWIM. As we walk across the lawn at the pool we see Pan and the Sutton Family soaking up the afternoon sun in Portugal… again what are the odds! Such a small world… from Kommetjie to Cascais 🙂 

I am SO looking forward to the day of exploring tomorrow… Praying for a bump in swell but will be happy for a swim in the ocean! Cascais the Davis family are coming for you tomorrow! XXX





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