Porto City: Family Road Trip through Portugal #05


Day 8: Monday

We woke to another beautiful downpour! And yes in rookie style i forgot to close the bathroom airvent leaving a mini flood in the house. Brave enough to leave the awning out overnight we woke some time around midnight to a loud crash. The awning roof became a mini swimming pool and buckled under the weight of all the water.

We decide we are done with the stress of driving our big van through small roads we head off to the local bus corner and catch the local bus line #906 into Porto City.

1.96Euro per adult (kids ride for free) and the bus ride was fantastic! Travelling with locals, taking hairpin bends in a bus where the crosswinds from the drivers sheer speed made the mirrors of stationary cars shake. Like a Portugese race car driver we sped along the tiny roads, each single track road we went up, William and I looked at each other in a look of “surely not”… and he made it through! After about 20 stops we arrive in Porto City to the most breathtaking views of the river, bridges and hustle and bustle. 

We bough tickets to the “hop on hop off bus” and took the red line South then the blue line up North. Hopped off and walked through the city center and along the waterways taking in our surroundings. 

Daniel fell asleep on William shoulder so we opted for a resturant stop. The criteria was determined by the closest resturant that had cusioned seats we could push together and let Daniel have a little rest. 

We were greeted by a delightful waiter who encouraged us to “Take your time and enjoy the moment”He reccomended a Tapas lunch, salad, coffee and a glass of port. 

After lunch we stopped to look back and photograph the restaurant and behind me I heard James laughing in the pram! Turning around only to find the pram on its way down the embankment (We forgot to put the brakes on!) 

William in his usual socialising style managed to bump into two Captonian families… what are the odds! 

We moved on to visit the Ferreira Port Winery – We are told the only female owned Port Winery in Portugal! 

Next stop back home and we found the line #906. We hope on but start to wonder why we seem to be going the opporite direction. A couple of stops later we are told to get off the bus because its the end of the line and we should have been going the opposite direction! Looking a the bus route we see it is now 56 stops on the bus line until home, its 4:30pm we pick up a croissant for James and some cherries for Daniel and call a trusty Uber to get us home! 

The contrast of one tired infant screaming over the peaceful music in the Uber had me longing for a simple G&T back at the Camper Van! homeward bound we head!

We packed up our campsite and decided (on the tourguides reccomendation) to head to a smaller town 40kms South named Aveiro. And off we went to find our next stop for the night!

  • Parent Coping Level: 8/10 Chilled day, no driving, great adventure
  • Kids Patience Level: 7/10 Bus trips were a huge highlight
  • Campsite Setup: Aveiro, Barra 4/10 pushtap showers were 4 seconds long. They started spraying poison to kill flies all around the campsite!
  • Overall Experience: 8/10 Beautiful, Scenic, Cultural! 
  • Surf: 0/10
  • Lowlight: Open Bus tour for 15 Euros p/p was a bit of a let down. We had the same experience on the local bus
  • Highlight: The Kamakazi bus ride!


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