Davis Family Road Trip – Portugal #03

Friday: Day 5


Peniche being a bigger town than Ericiera its not as easy to walk around. I set off for an incredible morning run along the cliffs of Peniche, following the jogging paths (thank heavens for a joggers pram) as James happily nodded off to the bumps along the way. 


We then made our way to Baleal, a small town just outside of Peniche and it was buzzing. Its the Muizenberg of Portugal. Surf Schools, Beach Cafes and Surf Hostels scattered along the towns narrow roads. The small headland of Baleal is a fishing town, filled with local and holiday makers. The beach offers swimming and surf areas on both sides with miles and miles of beach and unouched beauty to take in. Day 5 and the ocean is still flat, the beaches calm with plenty of keen beans surfing 1/4ft foamies.

Happily sun soaked and content (and the fact that Baleal has no camp sites) we decided to make our way further along the coast heading North. Thankfully both kids opted for the afternoon “siesta” and the 120km drive was fairly peaceful.

Next stop –  #Figueira de foz 

We arrived at Camp Orbitur and it has been a campers dream! Pulling up under the shady pines, surrounded by bird life and 400m from the beach.

  • Parent Coping Level: 8/10
  • Kids Patience Level: 5/10
  • Driving on narrow roads: Minus 7/10
  • Overall Experience: 7/10
  • Surf: More of the same… a good looking lake.
  • Highlight: The Jam Jar of fresh squeezed Orange Juice at the local bar overlooking the beach in Baleal
  • Lowlight: Having to reverse the 7.5m camper van (with no rear view) back down a narrow one way road

Saturday: Day 6

Waking to the sound of birds and light rain falling on the roof of the van is magnificent. Taking in the crisp air and the clouded sky, a slow morning start enjoying a coffee under the awning (that we have now managed to get figured out)

A ritual morning run to the local town of Sao Pedro. Along the quiet roads and down to the beach. Back up to the local market for some morning grocery supplies. Natas, chocolate croissant, meat from the meat market, veg from the farmers market. Cherries! You have to try the cherries!

A stroll to the beach and over the hill down a sand dune to finally go fishing! Daniel has been persistant along our travels and always asked to fish. We find some portugese bread and churiso for bait but soon swap it out for a blood worm. Hooray we are fishing! He runs all the way down the beach to the rocky outcrop over a kilometer in the distance, with dad pacing behind. Shortly after the first line is cast a royal downpour from the heavens open up and showers down upon us. What an adventure. Running into the local cafe for a ceremonial ice cream (Portugal like their ice cream!) and a chewy short coffee.

A cozy afternoon of listening to rain, playing lego and chillaxing in our spot… #happiness

We haven’t been brave enough to explore on our bikes yet but hopefully we will warm up to the idea pretty soon.

  • Parent Coping Level: 4/10 We have realize our toddlers loves his iPad a little too much. Worst day to start rationing the iPad time. The camper van space is pretty small when you are in doors because of rain!
  • Kids Patience Level: 2/10… Muddy and in a confined space. Daniel has showered once since arriving so looks like a real bush baby #campingstyle
  • Campsite Setup: 9/10 (clean bathroom facilities and level grounds to park) 
  • Overall Experience:6/10
  • Overall Experience:
  • Surf: Ever hopeful for some hint of swell on the horizon. As this is a serious dry spell!
  • Lowlight: The mozzies have decided to visit (They love mom!) They are the size of horse flies and the sting burns (leaves an enormous welt)
  • Highlight: Listening to the sound of rain and birds in nature. No TV, no phones, no connectivity. Just NATURE! And watching my two boys climb into the envelope every night 🙂 🙂 




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