About Roxy Davis

Roxy has over 27 years of surfing experience and is a nine time South African Surfing Champion. Roxy has represented South Africa at numerous Shortboarding, Longboarding and Stand Up Paddleboarding WorldChampionships.

In 2017 Roxy made surfing history in South Africa with her selection as Captain of the South African Longboard Surfing Team, becoming the first individual to represent South Africa as a Shortboard Surfer, Stand UpPaddle-board Surfer, Longboard Surfer, National Surf Coach and National Surfing Manager.

Roxy has over 20 years of professional surf coaching experience having coached and managed Development, Provincial and National Teams within South Africa and on tours abroad. Roxy holds an International Surfing Association (ISA) level two Surf Coaching qualification. Roxy is an International Surfing Association (ISA) Coaching Course Presenter.


Ocean Freedom (2020 -Current) 

In 2002 Roxy founded the widely acclaimed Surf Emporium, a surf school and surf store located at the renowned Surfers Corner, Muizenberg, Cape Town.

With over 20 years of experience in the Surf Industry, Roxy has launched the brand Ocean Freedom. Ocean Freedom is a purpose developed range of mineral sunscreens, technical sun protection apparel and a range of accessories for everyday use by families who love to live outdoors.

Ocean Freedom is built on being purpose driven and a portion of sales support the Roxy Davis Foundation Surf Therapy Programme, a NPO teaching South Africans with a physical, intellectual, cognitive or sensory disability how to surf.

Read more www.oceanfreedom.com


Roxy Davis Foundation (2019- Current) 

In 2019 Roxy officially launched the Roxy Davis Foundation, a Non-Profit Organization, that aims to affect meaningful change in peoples lives by improving their mental and physical well-being through ocean based therapy programmes. Passion, Purpose, Possibility and People are at the core of the Roxy Davis Foundation.

The Foundation sustainably focuses on understanding, broadening, connecting, educating and sharing evidence-based best practice principles through delivering ongoing life changing ocean based experiences with the intended outcome of enhancing both people’s physical and mental well-being.

Roxy’s dream and the foundations vision is to make the ocean accessible to everyone. “Surfing changed my life, it was and still is my therapy, my medicine. My dream is to share it with others” says Roxy.

The Roxy Davis Foundation delivers regular free Surf Therapy Clinics for individuals with a physical, cognitive, intellectual or sensory disability. The foundation has over 150 participants registered in the Surf Therapy programme and over 200 registered volunteers.

Read more www.roxydavisfoundation.org


Research (2019-Current)

Roxy is currently studying for a PhD degree in Disability Studies at the Department of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences of the University of Cape Town. Roxy’s PhD research topic is “How children with disabilities in the Western Cape experience participating in a surf therapy programme”.

Roxy holds an Honours Degree in Psychology and Communication through the University of South Africa (UNISA) and is a registered as a Psychological Counsellor with the Health Professions Council of South Africa. Roxy is also a qualified Chef, having studied at the world renowned Silwood Kitchen.


Sally-Ann Creed®️ – Wellness Through Nutrition (2020 – Current)

Roxy has been an admirer and follower of Sally-Ann Creed’s nutritional philosophy for many years, and in 2020 she had the opportunity to purchase the Sally-Ann Creed business. Roxy is proud to continue her strong legacy into the future as we introduce her products to many new people and spread her message of wellness through nutrition.

Sally-Ann Creed®️ https://sallyanncreed.co.za

Heavy Chef speak to Roxy Davis about Wellness https://heavychef.org/all-articles/on-our-learning-platform-surfing-champ-roxy-davis-on-her-latest-wellness-venture


Roxy Surf Club & Surf Emporium (2002- 2020) 

Roxy founded her Surf School in 2002 with an umbrella on Muizenberg beach and a clear vision of where she wanted to go with the concept. Her dreams became a reality far sooner than she had anticipated. Growing from a dream of teaching forty girls a week quickly turned into 200 girls within the first Programme intake. The umbrella soon gave way for a share of half a hardware store for storage, and later into opening her own Surf School facility, which she aptly named the Roxy Surf Club. With the support of the Roxy Brand, the Roxy Surf Club’s infrastructure continued to improve, culminating in a move into a prominent beachfront building in the famous Surfers Corner of Muizenberg. In 2007 Roxy launched the Roxy and Quiksilver Retail Surf Store as well as further expanding the Surf School component.

Today the Surf School and Surf Store continue to go from strength to strength and have amalgamated under the Surf Emporium Brand.  The Surf School remains one of the few Surf Schools accredited with Surfing South Africa and works closely with most of the schools within the Western Cape.

Roxy sold the surf school, surf shop in 2020 and continues to be part of the Muizenberg Surfing community. 


Surfing Background (1999-Current) 

Roxy is a nine time South African Surfing Champion, professional Surf Coach, business owner, mother and founder of the Roxy Davis Foundation.

Roxy started surfing at the age of 12, which is widely regarded as being rather late in life. However she very soon started achieving exceptional results throughout her competitive surfing career. Progressing from school champion to club champion and then rapidly progressing to both Provincial and National champion.

Today Roxy is a professional surfer. She is nine time South African Surfing Champion and has won numerous awards including the Western Province Surfer of the year and Surfer of the South African Surfing Championships. Roxy has had the honour of captaining and coaching numerous Western Province Surfing Teams to victory at South African Championships.

Roxy has represented South Africa at numerous Surfing, Longboarding and Stand Up Paddleboarding World Championships. In 2017 Roxy made surfing history in South Africa with her selection as Captain of the South African Longboard Surfing Team, becoming the first individual to represent South Africa as a Shortboard Surfer, Stand Up Paddle-board Surfer, Longboard Surfer, National Surf Coach and National Surfing Manager.


Coaching & Team Management (2005- Current) 

Roxy has an illustrious surf coaching background having coached and managed Development, Provincial and National Teams within South Africa and on tours abroad. The most recent being the National head Coach for Para Surfing Team South Africa that placed 5th in the World at the 2022 ISA World Para Surifng Championships in Pismo Beach California.

Roxy holds an International Surfing Association (ISA) level two Surf Coaching qualification. She achieved the accolade of finishing in the top two of the Cape Town Surf Coaching, Lifesaving and First Aid British Surfing Association (BSA) Coaches Course level one and two. Roxy is an International Surfing Association (ISA) Coaching Course Presenter.

Roxy has also been an active administrator in the sport of surfing. She served as a member of the Western Province Surfing Committee as Vice-President and acting President for many years. In 2005, Roxy relaunched the successful Western Cape Inter Schools Surfing League.

Shark Spottog Comittee (2015- Current)

Roxy currently serves on the non executive comittee. Shark Spotters is a non-profit and public benefit organisation comprised of members forming two important organisational committees.

The non-executive committee consists of members who represent communities, businesses, organisations and other interest group stakeholders from the areas in which the organisation operates. The non-executive committee provides an oversight and guidance role in the organisation, ensuring that the Organisation is meeting the objectives laid out in the constitution, as well as ensuring those objectives align with the needs of the communities in which the Organisation operates.

Jorunalism (2007- 2019)

Roxy has also been actively involved in journalism, writing a weekly column, “Beach Break” for the Friday edition of The Times Newspaper as well as contributing to the development of the editorial pillars of the successful woman’s surfing magazine Salt Water Girl Surf. She went on to become the Regional Editor for Salt Water Girl Surf magazine for the region stretching from Namibia to Jeffreys Bay.

Education (1999- Current)

Out of the water Roxy has achieved a great deal academically.

  • She is a registered as a Psychological Counsellor with the Health Professions Council of South Africa. (2013-current)
  • Roxy has also completed a certificate in medical nutrition through Bonds University in Australia. (2020) 
  • International Surfing Association Level 1 & 2 Surf Instructor 
  • International Surfing Association Flat Water and Wave Riding Stand Up Paddle Boarding Instructor
  • She has completed an Honours Degree in Psychology and Communication through the University of South Africa (UNISA), building on her initial qualification in Sports Psychology. (2003-2013)
  • Roxy is also a qualified Chef, having studied at the world renowned Silwood Kitchen.(2002)