Roxy Davis Foundation

We are so passionate about making the ocean accessible to All South Africans. For those that can afford it and for those that cant. Those that are able bodied and those that have a physical or intellectual disability.  For those that are suffering or being challenged  with mental health problems, cancer, terminal illness, PTSD, Depression, eating disorders, anxiety disorders. Everyone is welcome. That is my dream and that is the foundations vision. SURFING CHANGED MY LIFE, IT WAS AND STILL IS MY THERAPY. MY MEDICINE. I want to be able to share it with other South Africans.

In 2019 Roxy launched the Roxy Davis Foundation an NPO that aims to affect meaningful change in peoples lives by improving their mental and physical well-being through ocean based therapy programmes. Passion, Purpose, Possibility and People are at the core of the Roxy Davis Foundation. 

The Foundation sustainably focuses on understanding, broadening, connecting, educating and sharing evidence-based best practice principles through delivering ongoing life changing ocean based experiences with the intended outcome of enhancing both people’s physical and mental well-being.

One of the foundations pillars focuses on Adaptive Surfing . We have been running the adaptive surfing clinics for the past two years. The clinics are run once per month and the participant numbers are growing steadily. We currently have 121 Adaptive Surfers participating – (Surfers with a disability)

Our youngest participant is 4years old and oldest is 77years old.

Pam Hansford (77 yeard old) became physically disabled in a surfing accident two years ago. She has send a marked improvement in her mobility and recovery from her injury and shares the importance of the volunteer team “Her experience can be summed up in her quote “They are the feul (adaptive volunteer) and I just get to fly.

We asked one of the participants for feedback on their session and the highlight was “just being included” Something so basic as accessing the ocean is what we take for granted on a daily basis.

We are now getting referrals OCCUPATIONAL Therapists, PHYSIOTHERAPISTS  and Department of Health’s rehabilitation unit for people with newly acquired spinal cord injuries and brain injuries. Western Cape Rehabilitation Centre.

Another focus for the Foundations is on Foundation Building, with 135 school students that compete in the Western Cape Interschool League that runs every second Friday, participants travel from all over Cape Town including areas such as Khayelitsha and Delft.